Western Cape Game Changers

In the first half of 2018 we developed a reporting system for Helen Zille’s Delivery Support Unit (DSU). The project formed part of the Western Cape government’s seven priority interventions for improving people’s lives, also known as the seven Game Changers.

The system focused on reports for schools and education districts. Data related to three of the game changers – eLearning, Apprenticeship and After Schools – gets regularly imported into the system after having been sourced, cleaned a pre-processed by the DSU team. The system then produces a report for each school, and one for each district which contains the data for all schools within that district. This is ultimately the feedback mechanism to provide schools with the results and analysis for these three game changers, allowing principals to make informed decisions on priorities and issues that may arise.

Each school has a different configuration based on which sample type they fall into, and which grades they offer. Therefore, each school gets a completely customised report based on this configuration.

Additionally, each indicator can be configured with a number of settings, such as what visualisation to use (e.g. pictogram, bar chart, column chart, line graph, stacked column chart, comparison vs benchmark, radar chart, etc.), what values to output in the accompanying table (value, N-value, change since last reading, benchmark, date sourced, etc.). This makes the report highly configurable and flexible, to acommodate changes over time as the DSU refines the indicators and the report format.

The system then generates these reports and emails them directly to the schools as and when the DSU has uploaded the new datasets. This process streamlines the production and distribution of the reports, and hopefully contributes towards the success of the Game Changer project.