TrainTrack – Training Management & Reporting System

TrainTrack is a training management system ideally suited to large or distributed organisations. Key features of TrainTrack include:

  • Easily maintain data on trainees (employees), trainers, courses, and locations (i.e. branches, offices, clinics, etc).
  • Easily capture training done by your trainees on different courses;
  • Award qualifications to trainees once pre-configured criteria (e.g. course completion/attendance) have been attained.
  • Produce highly customisable certificates on completion/qualification.
  • An extensive list of management reports, charts and analysis.

The management reporting is TrainTrack’s key value proposition. In this regard, TrainTrack is essentially a business intelligence system for training within your organisation. Some of TrainTrack’s reporting functionality includes:

  • Coverage analysis: by keeping track of trainees as they move between locations, TrainTrack produces coverage reports showing which locations have current coverage within the various training courses.
  • Completion reports: more complex qualifications can be comprised of multiple courses; the completion reports show the progress of trainees toward completing the qualification.
  • Location reports: these reports provide summarised and detailed analysis of trainees and their qualifications with the various locations. As locations can be hierarchically linked, these metrics can be aggregated up, for example: from all clinics up to the related municipality or province.
  • Trainee reports: a detailed report generated for trainees showing their training history as well as their movements between locations.
  • Trainer reports: reports for a trainer showing their training activity over time.
  • Imports & Exports: TrainTrack has the ability to import and export data from/to CSV and Excel.