PACK – Practical Approach to Care Kit (KTU)

In late 2016, the Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) decided to upgrade their Microsoft Access-based content management system for their Practical Approach to Care Kit (PACK). The Access application had been in use for several years but was now reaching it’s sell-by date; upgrading it to a web-based version was the natural step forward.

The application allows the team at KTU to maintain the content of their PACK guidelines. This content team reviews current best practices from a range of medical sources, and compiles the information into a guide that can be distributed to clinics and nurses around the country, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of health care services. They have numerous guides for Adult, Children, Adolescents, etc. each of which has multiple versions (2017, 2018, etc.), and ultimately will have numerous localisations (South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, etc). Loading this content, linking it to the offical source, adapting it to local requirements, versioning it over time, tracking & analysing the commonality between guides – these are some of the challenges the system needed to address.

By mid-2017, the new web-based system was up and running, with all the Access data migrated into the new SQL Server database. We continue to support the KTU with the new PACK website, and as new requirements filter in, the system gets regularly updated.