IBER – Reporting Reforms for Metro Municipalities

The IBER system was developed in 2018/19 for the Cities Support Programme, a division of National Treasury. It is a web-based reporting system for metropolitan municipalities and national instutions to import, capture, process, analyse and report on various data elements and municipal indicators. The system had fine-grained permission control for each data element, allowing a municipal user to be assigned permission for a single data element. This element could then be incorporated into the calculation of an indicator, which meant that indicators could be calculated based on customised formulae using data elements from various users in the municipalities, as well as from users in national departments that would have permissions for particular elements across all municipalities. This allowed for devolving the responsibility for collecting/capturing data to individual users, yet allowing appropriate users to generate performance indicators, and associated reports & graphs, across all municipalities. The system was scheduled for piloting in early 2019.