Human Settlements Demand Study

In 2015, the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements embarked on a project to create profiles of municipalities’ housing demand.

The study collected data from numerous sources (e.g. Stats SA census data, the WC Housing Demand Database, the WC Housing Demand Subsidy System, social infrastructure data, etc.) and combined this data into a central database – using a data-warehouse structure or star-schema.

The web-based system we developed enabled the researchers to generate meaningful indicators by combining and analysing this information. The data could be aggregated up from municipal to district, and then provincial levels.

The system was built with a user-friendly report writing tool, that allowed end-users to easily create their own customised reports for any municipality with a few clicks of their mouse.

Researchers from PDG used the system to generate a report for each municipality, which included graphs, charts and maps visualising the data, to which their own analysis could be added. These reports were one of the primary deliverables to the client.